Friday, February 15, 2013

Alien: Colonial Marines.... after the long wait.

The above video is NSFW!

This is by far my favorite review of Alien: Colonial Marines.  We have been waiting for this game for years and yes, the game has problems.  I am not going to get into each individual problem because Angry Joe of the AngryJoeShow covers all the major issues with style and plenty of adult language.

The above being said, I am enjoying the multi-player and playing split screen with that Chippewa that I married. I just wish that the game was more complete, as scary as it should be and can we kill the music already. I usually love Gearbox Games (Borderlands/Borderlands2) I am not going to be one of the gamers demanding my money back, but I will be watching how Gearbox and Saga handles this controversy.

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